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Британська рада проводить безкоштовне on-line навчання.

This year the courses are free of charge for those who are interested. However, the participants are obliged to disseminate and report upon completion of the course. The application has mandatory statements that participants agree to follow in order to apply to the course:

I will inform colleagues about the British Council, its activities and resources

I will develop and deliver at least 1 session (presentation/workshop) on a selected topic using the materials of the online course

I will implement new ideas in my teaching EFL in the classroom

I will report to the British Council about the work done and send the report to Victoria Ivanishchevaviktoriia.ivanishcheva@britishcouncil.org.ua

This year we offer the following list of courses:

-Steps to success;

-TKT (Teaching Knowledge Test) available as two separate courses – Module 1 and Module 2,3;

-CiSELT Proficient;

-CiSELT Advanced;

-Primary Essentials;

-Learning Technologies;

-Special Educational Needs;

Detailed information about each course you may find following the linkhttp://www.britishcouncil.org.ua/en/teach/teacher-development/courses-qualifications

Application forms are available under each course description.

The deadline for the registration isOctober 15, 2015.

Якщо Ви виявили бажання пройти навчання, прохання зголоситися (Світлана Матис, НМЦО м. Львова до 09.10.2015)

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